City of Celina
225 North Main Street
Celina, OH 45822

City of Celina, Ohio


Pay Income Tax Bill Online

- Click the button on the right to pay online. You must have your tax account number to register and/or make a payment.

- Call (419)586-2594 for your tax account number and for more information.

Effective  1/1/2016:

- 2016 Tax filing Due Date is April 18, 2017 (or the 15th day of the fourth month following the end of the fiscal period).

- All returns must be signed.

- Attach page 1 of your federal 1040, all W2's, 1099's and other forms/schedules.

- Late filing fee is now $25 per month (up to $150) even if no tax is due.

- Late payment charge is 15% of amount not timely paid plus 5% interest.

- All residents 18 years of age and older are required to file an annual return.

(If retired and/or have no earned income, contact the Tax Office for your filing requirement.)

Other Source of References:

Tax forms are available at the Municipal Tax Office, 225 North Main Street, the Mercer County District Library or download them from the links on the right. Generic tax forms are accepted as well. If you are unsure you have the correct forms, please call or email Celina Tax Administrator at 419.586.2594.

Please note, the City of Celina does not have e-filing capabilities; therefore tax returns must be mailed in or brought to the tax office. If a Federal Extension is granted, a copy of this extension must be filed with the Celina Tax Department by the April 15th filing deadline.





City of Celina Compliment/Complaint Line: 419.942.3000


We are a small City abounding with friendly, warmhearted people inviting you to come visit us. We are always willing to share our lake, tree-lined Main Street with its stately homes, our diverse places of worship, and our beautiful downtown as well as the outlying areas of shopping. Take the time to browse our website and discover for yourself the many facets of our community.

Celina is constantly in motion with news and
events for all ages and interests. We are
located on Grand Lake's west shore in the
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Check out this section often for up-to-date
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