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City of Celina, Ohio


Electric Rates

Electric Rates Schedule (per Ordinance 26-17-O)

Utility payment is due on or before your due date.
All accounts are subject to late penalty of 10% of total gross amount if paid afer the due date. Delinquent accounts remaining unpaid after sixty (60) days will be reported to the Credit Bureau and forwarded for Prosecution. Any Occupant of the Household who owes a utility bill from a different address will result in termination of your Utility Service until paid in full.

Accounts are delinquent and subject to shut-off fifteen (15) days after payment due date of current bill. Tennants and Owners will be notified of pending disconnection. Final bills are due and payable upon receipt. All past due balance is required before reconnection of services.

Service Deposits, Connection Fees & Misc. Electric Charges


Temporary Electric Service: $75.00 Single Phase Service
  Cost plus 20% Three Phase Service
Security Lights and Other Flat Rate Charges: $5.42 Mercury Vapor/Sodium Lights - plus kwh tax
  $2.50 Meter Surge Protector
Reconnection Charges: $20.00 Inside City Limits – Business Hours
  $30.00 Outside City Limits – Business Hours
  $50.00 Inside City Limits – After Business Hours
  $60.00 Outside City Limits – After Business Hours
Miscellaneous Charges: $30.00 Meter Testing – Inside City Limits
  $50.00 Meter Testing – Outside City Limits
  $40.00 Water
  $40.00 Sewer
All Commercial customers shall pay a utility deposit in an amount equal to the highest month of the preceding twelve (12) months of utility service or $200.00 minimum.
There shall be no Demand charges applied to the first 10 kW/kVA. Demand charges shall apply to all bills in which electrical demand usage exceeds 10 kW, according to the rate schedule.
Water Rates
Water Rates Debt Retirement Assessment Ordinance  

Water Tapping Fees
The following fees shall be the connection rates charged by the City of Celina Muicipal Water System for water meters and services rendered in the performance of installing water service lines and private main extensions.

Service Fees effective February 1, 2005 for all new building units added or built after February 1, 2005:


Up to ¾" Diameter Service Line, including $100 System Impact Fee: $700

For all water line sizes One Inch (1") in diameter or greater, the fee charged shall be an amount equal to time and materials plus a $100 System Impact fee.
The minimum charge, including the System Impact fee: $800

Sanitary Sewer & Stormwater Rates
WasteWater Rates
Changes to Ordinance 911 concerning Sewers
Ordinance 23-10-O was signed June 21, 2010 which revises Chapter 911, Sewers Generally. Most of the changes to Chapter 911 addresses grease interceptors of food service establishments (FSE's) including all FSE's to submit an annual report to the Waste Water Treatment Plant.
FSE Annual Interceptor Maintenance Report
To be printed and filled out by owner of food service establishment
FSE Survey
In order for Food Service Establishments to receive a waiver to relax interceptor requirements or maintenance frequencies a FSE Survey form will need to be submitted.
Sanitary Sewer Tapping Permits (effective January 1, 2001)
District New Tap Fee Impact Fee Totals
All Districts $230.00/Tap $570.00/Unit Examples: $800.00/Single Family
District Single Family Multi-Family/Mobile Home Industrial/Commercial
Northeast $150.00
Special Assessment
$80.00/unit $304.25/acre
Northwest $225.00
Special Assessment
$150.00/unit $460.00/acre
East Jefferson
& County's Northeast
$1700.00/Unit County Assessment Per Unit  (Unit is determined
 by # of Kitchen Units)
Per Unit  (Unit = Projected use
divided by 15,000 gallons per month)
Eaglebrooke, Greenview
& Settlers Lane Sewer District (effective 8-1-02)
Special Assessment
Special Assessment
Special Assessment


Stormwater Utility Fees (effective 12/15/2008)

Residential properties
All residential properties will be assigned one (1) ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit). A flat rate service charge of Two Dollars ($2.00) shall apply to all residential properties.

Non-residential properties
Non-residential properties will be assigned an ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit) multiple based upon each property's individually measured impervious area (in square feet) divided by 3,083 square fee (1 ERU). This division shall be multiplied by Two Dollars ($2.00) and shall be calculated to the nearest whole number and rounded according to mathematical convention.

*There will be a yearly increase of Five Percent (5%) to the base ERU implemented on January 1 of each year beginning January 2010 through January 2019, unless modified or amended by Council action.

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