City Police Department

Our Police Department employs sixteen police officers, five full-time dispatchers and one part-time dispatcher. The Celina Police Department provides services 24 hours a day for the community.

Mission Statement

  • To maintain public peace and safety through the efficient delivery of police services.
  • To ensure fair and impartial enforcement of the law and to prevent crime.
  • To rapidly respond to emergency situations to prevent the loss of life and injury to citizens.
  • To foster good community relations.
  • To maximize the career development of department personnel.

Vision Statement

The Celina Police Department will be a service agency first, serving the citizens of Celina by providing a feeling of safety, security and people to turn to in time of need. We will be a law enforcement agency second, using enforcement of the law as a tool to accomplish the first.

City of Celina Utility Office

REPORT CRIMINAL ACTIVITY –IS NOT A POLICE REPORT. If you need a police report filled out please call 419-586-2345.  FOR ALL EMERGENCIES CALL 911.  Do not use the online form in an emergency! 
This form is used for TIPS only.

Celina Police Officers and Dispatchers


Thomas Wale

Asst. Chief

Daniel Harting


Colin Fuelling

Gabriel Bartlett

Patrick Crosby


Brian Taylor


John Barker

Nathan Miller

Anthony Poppe

David Powell

Jeremy Kerr

Kyle Balthis

Zachery Nelson

Justin Rice


Colleen Bigham

John Mangen

Jenna Eberle

Nathan Cupp

Timothy Droesch