Trash Pickup

The service provider for residential solid waste collection within the City corporation limits is Maharg, Inc. Their service includes collection of garbage, recycling and yard waste. Bags should be placed at the curb by 6:30 a.m. on collection day. Collection service is provided within the City corporation limits only.

City of Celina/Maharg’s Bags

All garbage must be placed in the city bags. Garbage from garbage cans or trash bags with the city bags tied to them will not be picked up.

Purchase at:
Celina Chief Supermarket
Celina Ace Hardware
Celina Party Mart (Shell Gas Station on S. Main Street)
Eastown Party Mart (Shell Gas Station on E. Wayne Street)
IGA (Logan Street)

Garbage – $1.20 per bag or $6.00 for a package of (5) five
Recycling – $0.80 per bag or $4.00 for a package of (5) five
Yard Waste – $1.20 per bag


  • Place all paper items in one bag.
  • Other items may be co-mingled in one bag.
  • Maharg, Inc. will no longer be able to accept contaminated recycling.

Large Items

Maharg’s also provides special tags sold at the Celina Utilities Office for large, bulky items, such as furniture and white goods. The tags state all restrictions to pickup by the collector, with special attention to environmental based restrictions. The cost for the tags varies from $5.00 to $10.00 per item as per tag.

Residential Limb and Brush Pickup

The City’s residential limbs and brush collection will be conducted on the first Monday of April through October.

Only limbs and brush without root balls will be collected. Limbs and brush are not to be placed adjacent to the street earlier than three (3) days prior to the scheduled collection, nor after the street has been collected. An effort should be made by all to keep our community looking neat. Limbs must be stacked in piles with larger sections of limbs facing the same direction. A three cubic yard limit has been established for each residence per pickup. That is equal to a pile three feet wide by three feet high by nine feet long. Brush and limbs in excess of the three cubic yard limit will not be collected and are the responsibility of the property owner to dispose of.

City crews will make only one trip through the city each month and, once your neighborhood is collected, will not return until the next regularly scheduled collection. You are prohibited from putting brush, limbs or debris on the street.

If you have your trees trimmed, your contractor must remove the limbs/brush.

Recyclable Items

Aluminum: Beverage Cans, Clean Foil, Pie Tins

Glass: All colors bottles & jars

Paper: Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs, Junk mail, Office paper, Food boxes, Corrugated Cardboard

Plastics: Milk, Juice, Water jugs, Detergent jugs, Plastics displaying 1 & 2 symbols

Steel: Tin cans, rinsed/labels removed

Non-Recyclable Items

Styrofoam: No Styrofoam of any kind

Glass: No Ceramics or clay, light bulbs or window glass, ovenware

Paper: No messy pizza boxes, tissues or paper towels, paper plates or cups

Plastics: No wax-coated containers, containers with symbols 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7, cellophane, plastic toys, disposable diapers, plastic Wal-Mart or grocery bags