Celina Utilities Service Requirements

In accordance with the Celina Utilities Service Policy, Rules and Regulations, Ordinance Number
53-02-O, the following restrictions are required to obtain or maintain utility service from Celina Utilities:

  • Applicant is responsible for utility bills
  • Deposits are required in accordance with fee schedule for residential customers
  • Utility bills must be paid within 10 days of billing date
  • All unpaid bills are subject to a 10% late penalty after the payment due date $25 Charge for non suffficient funds (bad check)
  • Disconnection of utility service(s) for nonpayment shall occur on the 25th day from the billing date
  • Existing sump pumps or drains must be disconnected from sewer lateral
  • No sump pumps, storm water drains, or surface water of any source, including downspouts, may be connected to the sanitary sewer for any reason
  • No additional buildings may be connected to any utility service without prior written authorization of Celina Utilities
  • No cross connections are permitted between different water sources (well, pond, and or municipal water)
  • Wells must be disconnected from the structure to be served with municipal water
  • $25 Charge for non sufficient funds (bad check)


Swimming Pool Adjustments

  • Only 1 (sewer) adjustment per year (adjustment made based on average of 12 month usage)

Faulty Toilet Adjustments: None

Lawn Watering and Landscaping Adjustments: None

  • Customer must purchase separate watering meter.
    Cost of meter – call the Utilities Office (419-586-2311) for cost of meter

Celina Utilities Shut-Off Policy

Prompt payment of your utility bills is necessary to avoid having your services disconnected. Any customer with a past-due account balance is subject to disconnection. Customers can determine their account status by checking their monthly utility bill. If your bill indicates you are in disconnect status, prompt payment is necessary to avoid having your utilities turned off.

If you have any questions or are unsure of your account status, please contact the Celina Utilities office at 419-586-2311

Any customer who has had their utilities turned off due to nonpayment, must make payment with cash or money order to be reconnected.  Charge for non sufficient funds – $25.

Energy Depot®

Celina Utilities is pleased to offer you Energy Depot®, a new set of online tools and resources to help you better understand and manage your home energy use and costs. Energy Depot is your one-stop resource for energy information and it’s available free.

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Comparison Tool

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Energy Calculator

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Energy Library

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Backflow Information

The water supply to your home is normally under pressure, but situations can occur causing this pressure to drop. These low pressure situations can cause water to flow backwards. This reversal of water flow is known as backflow. A water main break, repair of a water main, or water use for fire fighting can result in enough lost water pressure to cause backflow.

Backflow can be a health hazard for your family. When backflow occurs the water drawn back into  your main water supply may be contaminated. This contaminated water remains in the water lines until it is drained from another fixture in your home. A serious health hazard could result when this contaminated water is used for drinking, cooking, or bathing. To prevent this from occurring the City of Celina requires annual testing by a certified backflow tester for testable backflow devices.

See: Forms for the The Cross Connection/Backflow Survey Sheet and Backflow Preventer Report Form

Certified Backflow Testers
Many plumbing companies have a certified backflow tester on staff. We recommend checking the yellow pages under plumbing or backflow tests to find a certified backflow tester in your area. You may also view a list of certified backflow testers on the Ohio Department of Commerce website.

Backflow Scenarios

    • Soapy water or other cleaning compounds are back siphoned into your water supply via a faucet or hose submerged in a bucket or laundry basin.

    • Fertilizers/pesticides are back siphoned into your water supply via a garden hose attached to a fertilizer/pesticide sprayer.

    • Chemical/pesticides/animal feces are drawn into your supply from a lawn irrigation system.

Preventing Backflow

    • Never submerge hoses in buckets, pools, spas, tubs or sinks. They may contain harmful cleansers or dangerous bacteria.

    • Always keep the end of the hose away from possible contaminants.

    • Do not use any spray or cleaning attachments on your hose without a backflow prevention device on the hose. This includes pesticide applicators, portable pressure washers, drain openers and radiator flush kits. All of these devices utilize chemicals, detergents and waste water which are toxic and can be fatal if ingested.

City of Celina Utility Office

Paying Your Utility Bill

Utility payments can be made by cash, check, via mail, drop box near the front door of the Utility Office, or in person at the Customer Accounts Counter. A night deposit box is located outside of the front doors for payment after working hours.

Drive up Payment Options, drop box

Drive up Payment Options
(on west side of building)

The City also offers payment through MasterCard or Visa as well as monthly automatic withdrawal from your bank account to pay your utility bill. (Download these forms from the “Forms” page.)